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Dust Filtration Systems

Our dust filtration systems extract general and combustible dust, vapour, fumes, smoke and oil mist, for a safer, healthier and more productive workplace.

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Oil Mist Filtration

Eliminate the oil mist generated by coolants and lubricants before they cause slippery, unsafe surfaces in your workplace. Up to 99.97% collection efficiency!

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Filter Bags

Envirox supplies Filter bags for Reverse Pulse filtration systems, Reverse Air filtration systems and Shaker Bag filters for any dust filtration or dust extraction application.

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Filter Cartridges

Envirox supplies replacement Filter Cartridges for any make/type of Dust Filtration System and Filter Cartridges for Gas Turbine air-intake Filtration Systems.

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Extraction Arms

Extraction arms from Envirox extract dust right at the source for maximum dust filtration efficiency and a cleaner, safer workspace.

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Laboratory Extraction Arms

Laboratory extraction arms from Envirox are ideal in assembly stations and laboratories. Includes ESD- and EX-rated arms from 30-450 m³/hr.

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Exhaust Extraction

Exhaust extraction systems from Envirox include a range of exhaust extractors, nozzles and hoses for repair, inspection and testing shops.

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Industrial Fans

Envirox supplies, maintains and installs a range of high quality Nederman industrial fans, suited to various industrial applications.

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Vacuum Systems

Nederman high vacuum systems are suited for all industrial applications and eliminate excess and potentially hazardous dusts and fluids.

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Lubrication Systems

Lubrication systems from Envirox comprise complete solutions for storing and distributing oil, lubricants and fluids in any workspace.

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Nederman dustless blasting equipment with superior suction power and separation efficiency for all light-duty and industrial applications.

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Hose and Cable Reels

Envirox supplies, maintains and installs a range of high quality Nederman hose and cable reels, including ATEX-compliant versions.

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Gas Filtration

Gas filtration solutions from Envirox have high filtration efficiency and are tailored for use with corrosive, toxic and odorous gases, ensuring a cleaner air environment.

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Problems We Solve

Envirox offers products and solutions proven
to boost Eco-efficient production

Nederman products and solutions contribute to reducing environmental impacts from industrial production and to creating safe and clean working environments whilst boosting production efficiency. We strive to protect people and the environment from harmful air pollution by extracting and filtering particles and fumes in all applications and industries.

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Nederman's products and solutions contribute to improved production economics, reduce the strain on the environment from various industrial processes and protect people from harmful dust and particles, fibers, gas, welding fume and smoke, vehicle exhaust and oil mist.

News Update

An antidote to noxious, harmful gas

Envirox is implementing air filtration solutions for a chemical manufacturing facility in Nigel, Gauteng. The solution includes Ex-rated dust and fume extraction systems from European manufacturer Nederman, as well as air handling units for heating and cooling Read more