An antidote to noxious, harmful gas

Envirox is implementing air filtration solutions for a chemical manufacturing facility in Nigel, Gauteng. The solution includes Ex-rated dust and fume extraction systems from European manufacturer Nederman, as well as air handling units for heating and cooling. Phase 1 of the project will be completed by the end of 2016.

The facility is dedicated to the production of chemicals used in seed treatment, herbicides, fungicides and harvest aids / PGRs, among others. “The facility is a critical part of the company’s national chemical manufacturing operations, ensuring it can supply effective disease, pest and weed control and crop production solutions as required by the local and regional agriculture markets,” explains Daniel van Zyl, Project Manager, Envirox.

“Ensuring the fumes and dust generated during production are dealt with effectively helps the plant meet the required health, safety and environmental regulations and achieve a high-performing working operation.”


The harmful, corrosive and explosive nature of the chemicals produced within the plant required a specialised, purpose-built approach to its air filtration. Envirox conducted a full audit on the plant’s airflow characteristics, and custom-designed its solution to achieve optimum dust filtration efficiency.

“Our solution includes baghouse dust collectors, extraction fans, non-return explosion valves and stainless steel ducting,” van Zyl explains. “Given the nature of the dust and fumes generated in the production of the chemical formulae, the extraction system is fully ex-rated.”

“We also supplied air handling units for temperature regulation, and humidifiers to control the humidity in certain areas of the plant as required for chemical processing,” he continues.

The solution demonstrates Envirox’s ability to provide efficient end-to-end filtration solutions that are tailored for applications dealing with corrosive, toxic and odorous gases to ensure a cleaner, healthier air environment.


At a glance: proven air filtration technologies

  • MJB Baghouse Dust Collector (Ex-rated): MJB is a stainless steel baghouse for continuous filtration. It is ATEX-certified for explosive dust (St1, St2 and St3), and is ideal for most fine dusts from applications including metal grinding, powders and welding fumes. It offers volume throughputs of 680 to 32 000 m3 / hour.
  • Combifab Extraction Fans (Ex-rated): Energy-efficient, reliable and low-maintenance industrial fans for explosive dust and gas. They are available as either direct-driven or belt-driven solutions, and are suitable in a wide range of applications and industries.
  • CARZ Valves (Ex-rated): These back-pressure flap valves are designed to prevent flames and pressure waves from returning along the pipework where they are situated. These valves are effective up to a maximum reduced explosion pressure in the protected space.
  • Stainless Steel QF Ducting: Quick-fit ducting is easy to assemble and modify. The ducting connects together with a clipping mechanism that has an inner gasket to ensure an air tight seal.
  • Air Handling Units: High-quality devices to provide effective heating, ventilation and air-condition regulation.
  • Humidifiers: Our humidifiers help operators achieve precise humidity requirements in their plant, so essential for many industrial production processes.


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