Extraction Arms

Extraction arms from Envirox extract dust and fumes at the source for maximum dust extraction efficiency and a cleaner, safer workspace. Our range of extraction arms
are highly flexible and easy to position, extend and retract, and can be used for extracting general and explosive dust, welding fumes, heavy smoke and vapours.

We supply and support the full range of Nederman extraction arms across Africa. These extraction arms are easily customised to your workplace and application
requirements with hoods, dampers and extension arms, and can be wall- and roof-mounted (extension brackets also available).

  • 360° swivel allows you to position the arm just where you need it
  • Airflow from 600 – 1 900 m3/hour
  • Max. fume temperature: 120° C
  • Arm length: 2 – 5 m
  • Easily integrated or retrofitted into existing filtration systems
  • Easy to adjust and maintain
  • Minimised pressure drop and low noise emissions

Extract dust at the source with maximum efficiency with our extraction arms.
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Our range of Extraction Arms includes:

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Dust Extraction Arms

Dust extraction arms provide efficient, reliable extraction of industrial fumes, vapours and non-explosive dusts.

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Explosive Dust Extraction Arms

Explosive dust extraction arms provide extraction of explosive dusts. Certified for explosive zones 21, 22, 1/21, 2/22.

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Corrosive Dust Extraction Arms

Our corrosive dust extraction arms from Envirox extract corrosive fumes, vapour and non-explosive dust up to 1 000 m3/hr.

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Extraction Arms Accessories

Our range of accessories for extraction arms includes brackets, switches, spark protection, dampers and silencers.

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What are your dust filtration requirements?

Nederman extraction arms are known throughout the world for their quality, high performance and reliability. Our extraction arms range cover the complete spectrum of workshop dusts, ensuring we have the optimum solution for your workstation.

Our standard extraction arms provide an efficient, reliable and easy-to-use solution for fumes, vapours and non-explosive dust. Ideal for applications requiring higher airflows with moderate temperature, these extraction arms are ideal for welding, grinding and other light production and metal fabrication applications. This range includes telescopic arm systems, with arms available in 2 and 3 metres which is ideal for multiple smaller working areas like training schools.

For workplaces dealing with the fumes, vapours and non-explosive dusts in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, our corrosive resistant extraction arm is the ideal solution. With anodised aluminium details along the extraction arm, they provide maximum resistance to corrosion.

Working with explosive dusts or heavy smoke and fumes? Our extraction arms for explosive dust extraction are ideal for all welding, laser or hand plasma cutting, metal spraying and heavy-spatter grinding applications. These extraction arms are available in both medium- and heavy-duty configurations, and provide high-airflow extraction for very heavy smoke, vapours and explosive dusts.

Working with heavy smoke and fumes? Our NEX D and NEX HD extraction arms are ideal for all welding, laser or hand plasma cutting, metal spraying and heavy-spatter grinding applications. These extraction arms are available in both medium- and heavy-duty configurations, and provide high-airflow extraction for very heavy smoke.

Working with explosive dusts? Our NEX D, NEX DX and NEX S extraction arms are ideal for environments with fumes, vapours or explosive dust and also where the hygienic demands are high and large airflows are required. It is ideal for the Pharmaceutical, Food processing and chemical industries. NEX D extraction arms are recommended for zone 22 explosive environments for dust, the NEX DX for zone 21, and the NEX S for zone 21 & 21 dust and also for gas zones 1& 2.

Extracting these harmful dust particles at the source before they become airborne allows you to:

  • Improve staff health & productivity
  • Minimise safety hazards & lower staff costs by preventing slippery & dusty surfaces
  • Improve product quality to enhance production competitiveness
  • Comply with industrial air quality regulations
  • Minimise explosive risks of combustible dust

Our extraction arms solutions are all characterised by their easy, ergonomic positioning; reliable airflow performance; and high energy efficiency. The extraction arm hose is manufactured from a specially-formulated PVC-covered polyester fabric. Our heavy-duty arms for explosive dust include an additional fibreglass reinforcing. Dampers within the hood save further energy when not in operation! 

Extraction arms can be linked with centralised dust extraction systems or to our extractor fans.

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Extraction arms protect your staff from the hazards of fumes and dust:

Extracting dust at the source with extraction arms is the most effective way of keeping dust out of your airstream, ensuring a healthier, cleaner facility! The benefits are enhanced productivity; reduced disturbances and better product quality!

Fume and dust particles can present health problems when they are inhaled, and are small enough to remain in the air for a long time. Over time, inhaled particles can even reach the bloodstream, causing a range of health complications, including:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Lung infections & disease
  • Ulcerations
  • Reproduction & fertility issues

By extracting and filtering these tiny particles at the source with extraction arms, they are prevented from becoming airborne and inhaled, keeping your workplace clean, healthy and safe! 

Industrial air quality regulations in South Africa and Africa are becoming stricter and more stringent. Ensure your workspace meets all these requirements with our extraction arms! 


Why you should partner with Envirox

Envirox is the sole distributor for Nederman air filtration products in sub-Saharan Africa, delivering complete end-to-end services in line with OEM specifications, including feasibility studies, planning, design, installation, commissioning, testing, training and maintenance! Our extraction arms are backed by this leading service.

By providing reliable dust filtration solutions that allow companies to maximise the performance, safety and efficiency of their work facilities, we’ve established a reputation for:

  • providing dust filtration systems that consistently perform to OEM specifications
  • supplying exceptional quality
  • exceed the sales and service and support levels of our comepetitors
  • provide expert technical advice and support
  • short delivery leads time


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