Filter Bags

Filter bags from Envirox provide a high-efficiency, cost-effective dust filter for your workspace. We supply mechanical shaker, pulse jet and reverse air filter bags.
Our filter bags deliver high product holdings capacities for all types of dust across Africa’s industrial applications.

As leaders in dust filtration, we tailor filter bags to your specific application, in terms of size, filter media type and filter media treatment to ensure your dust emission
is below the legally prescribed limits.

  • Meet the most stringent air quality regulations
  • Woven, felted and membrane filter media
  • Top and bottom variations, sized and shaped to your application
  • Resistance to oil, corrosion, abrasion, high heat (up to 290° C), hydrolysis, viscous gas

We provide end-to-end filter bag services, including installation, service and support across Africa!
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Our range of filter bags and filter bag accessories includes:

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Shaker Bags

Shaker filter bags use mechanical agitation to free the filter media of dust collected during filtration. This is a low-energy cleaning method.

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Reverse Air Filter Bags

Reverse air filter bags use negative pressure to clean the filter media at given intervals, providing efficient, continuous dust collection.

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Pulse Jet Filter Bags

Pulse jet filter bags are cleaned with a burst of compressed air, providing efficient continuous operation for industrial air filtration.

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Filter Material Treatment

Filter material treatment enhances the resistance properties of your media to corrosion, abrasion, high heat, hydrolysis and viscous gases.

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Filter Media

Our filter media consists of woven , felted and membrane media for pulse jet, reverse air and shaker filter bags.

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Filter Bag Accessories

Our filter bag accessories ensure your filter bags operate at maximum performance, for efficient, reliable dust filtration.

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What are your dust collection requirements?

Our filter bags can be used for almost all types of industrial dust, including:

  • Light, medium and heavy dry dust and fumes
  • Hot gases and high temperature dust
  • Explosive dust
  • Welding fumes and smoke dust
  • Fine slag, smoke and thermal particles from plasma and laser cutting

As the dust filtration experts in Africa, we specify, design and supply the optimum filter bag and dust collector solution for your plant, factory or workshop processes. Some of the things to consider when specifying filter the best filter bags for your application include:

  • Process specifications (including temperature, pressure and instrumentation factors)
  • Footprint, weight, clearance restrictions
  • Surface area, length, diameter, design type of the filter
  • Flowrate requirements
  • The concentration and characteristics of solid dust
  • The viscosity, density, pH, volatility of liquid particles
  • Servicing and change out requirements and frequency
  • Safety and disposal requirements and issues
  • Overall hardware and filter costs

As a leader in dust filtration in Africa, we understand air pollution control equipment and how it interfaces with your plant processes or workflow. We ensure maximum filtration efficiency to allow you to operate at peak performance.

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Filter bag construction

Filter bags from Envirox are the preferred choice in general industrial air filtration applications, with high collection efficiency for a range of dust and gas streams.

Our range of filter bags are available in both woven and non-woven materials:

  • Woven filter bags These filter bags are made of yarn with a definite repeated pattern. They are ideal for filters that use low energy cleaning methods such as shaking and reverse air filter bags.
  • Non-woven filter bags Non-woven filter bags are divided into felted and membrane bags:
    • Felted filters are assembled from fibres that are compressed into a mat and attached to a loosely woven backing material. This option is best used in more energy intensive systems such as pulse jet cleaning.
    • A membrane filter is a specially designed porous membrane (expanded polyfluorocarbon) bonded to support fabric. They offer high efficiency particle capture and are ideal in handling flue gas conditions with high moisture and high pressure drops.

Enhance your dust filtration capabilities with our filter bags!

Installation services for filter bags

Our installation and service crews are available across Africa, and are experts in installation and preventative maintenance of filter bags, cages and components.

With thorough inspections and refurbishing of your filter bags, we help you minimise potential problems before they escalate into a system malfunction.

Our services for filter bags include:

  • Inspection
  • Troubleshooting
  • Air flow readings
  • System analysis
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • Refurbishing

From scheduled service to emergency callouts, our service crews are always available to ensure maximum performance from your filter bags installation!

Your total partner in industrial dust filtration

Our filter bags provide efficient dust collection for large quantities of industrial dusts, with excellent particulate retention with felted and synthetic filter media. Regardless of cleaning action, these bags are designed for an efficient dust release ensuring maximum filtration capacity.

We also supply a complete range of accessories for our filter bags, including cages, end caps, thimbles, tensioners, clamps and leak detection powder.

Equip your facility with high-quality filter bags for maximum filtration efficiency!
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