Filter Cartridges

Envirox stocks, supplies, installs and maintains a range of high-quality filter cartridges for a number of filters used for various applications and industries.
Our filter cartridge range provides a cleaner and safer working environment, and enhanced production capabilities


Filter cartridges benefits 

  • Ideal for use with abrasive, toxic and explosive dust
  • Suitable for both pulsating and static systems
  • Application-tailored media extends product life
  • Reduced operational costs and healthy work environment
  • Available in South Africa and Africa

Our cartridge solutions are versatile and can be adapted to any application or task-specific filtration demands. 

Filter cartridges applications 

Our range of filter cartridges is tailored for use in:

  • Dust collectors
  • Dust filters
  • Gas turbine air inlets
  • Panel filters
  • Filter media


Our range of Filter Cartridges includes:

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Dust Filter and Dust Collector Cartridges

Dust filter and dust collector cartridges from Envirox suit a wide range of media and industries, including abrasive, toxic and explosive dust types, ultimately increasing producti...

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Gas Turbine Air Inlet Cartridges

Cartridges for gas turbine air inlet housing from Envirox have a long service life, create a healthier working environment and reduce downtime.

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Panel Filters

Envirox stocks a range of panel filters tailored for specialist industries. They have a long service life, facilitate healthier working environments and can be used with abrasive, ...

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Filter Media

Filter media from Envirox comprise cellulose and polyester filter media, tailored for varying chemically-aggressive or harmful environments, increasing personnel protection.

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Filter media for filter cartridges

Selecting the right media for your application will determine how effective your filter cartridge is. All filter cartridges supplied by Envirox are manufactured with filter media tailored to meet and exceed your filtration application requirements.  

At Envirox, we calculate particle sizes and infiltration based on strokes, media fibre and thickness, cartridge weight and tensile strength when selecting filter media for your cartridge. This ensures an effective filter cartridge with a long product life, and Envirox partners with you for the product lifecycle, with full lab analysis and leak detection support.

Filter cartridge spares 

Envirox stocks a comprehensive range of spare parts for all its products. Our experience, industry knowledge and equipment expertise, means we can predict when your filter cartridge will need to be exchanged.

We also provide maintenance contracts. Regularly servicing filters and replacing filter cartridges when they should be, extending your filter’s operating life.

Filter cartridge availability 

Envirox covers South Africa and Africa with application-specific cartridges to ensure maximum cartridge availability in your filter applications. Our installation services ensure an OEM-specified system installation for maximum filtration performance.

Envirox is a turnkey supplier of filter cartridge-based filtration systems. Our filter cartridges ensure efficient dust collection for large amounts and different types of industrial dusts. The cartridges we supply have been designed for an efficient dust release ensuring maximum filtration capacity.


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